Slave girl

My slave names

My master would call me slave girl, pet, slut, cunt is depend on his mood of mind but he call me as he wish every name he call me it would turn me on so much.

Never cum without his permission

I am never allowed to cum without my master permission, if i do i will be getting punishment and will not cum for a very long time. I never want my master angry.

Do everything to please him

Everything that would please or give pleasure to my master then i must do. If he wants me in a specific tie then i must be tied like that. If he wants me to be in a specific position then i must be in that position. If he want me do something i dont want to do I also have to do it.

Always know my place

I always have to know that i am a slave for his pleasure and thats how i will get my pleasure. A slave never say no to her master. A slave do everything for her master anytime anywhere.

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What is a master?

his little slut slave Wednesday, September 26, 2012
I found an interesting meaning for a master in a dictionary website.

Mainly used in context of master/slave relationship where Master is dominant in every way - especially in bed.

Master will often use pain as a method of control, torture and/or pleasure depending on his slave. This pain can be physical, mental or emotional and can be so intense it takes his slave to subspace.

Master knows everything about his slave and is capable of controlling her thoughts, actions and feelings - this is how much he is capable of owning her.

Master holds both position of God and Devil simultaneously to his slave. He is capable of filling his slave with so much happiness and so much pain at the same time it cannot be explained. He is always with her and is so in-tune with her, he can communicate using CDMA

There can only be one Master in a slaves life. A master can however have more than one woman in his life - this is a very effective method of torture for his slave and does not mean he loves her any less, nor does it mean he no longer wants his slave. It means he has a need she cannot meet.

Master makes the rules and he will punish his slave accordingly if she breaks them. He will reward good behaviour accordingly.

The man i can never thank enough for everything he has given me so far.
My master will beat me if i dont wash the pots properly

How to be a good little slave girl for your master/mistress?

his little slut slave Monday, September 3, 2012

Before you call your self a slave or if you want to be a true slave you must always remember that you are slave and your master is your master whether he is your boyfriend or your husband when he is your master is be totally differed. and his mind will changes and you must encourage him and make him of his most master mind so he can use you good.

Her are some lessons tip for Slaves who want to become better for their masters and get their attention:
  • Respect:

You need to always respect your master. He is your God and he can say and do whatever he want when he be your master. You need to respect him and keep thanking him even if he is doing something you are not enjoying it.

Even when he is doing the most humiliating act to you, you also need to respect him.

If you don't then you have a lot of training to do and if you fail I don't think your master will be happy and he will stop be your master.

If you are a nature slave then this would be something in you that you would just have it and be very respectful for Master.

  • Grateful:

Always be grateful for your master for training you this way and showing who you truly are. He helped you in showing of how much a dirty slut you are.

  • Only do what masters says:

What your master orders it is what you should do immediately without even thinking. When you are a slave you are not a normal girl. A slave only obey and do what she is told.

If your master wishes you stay in cage all day and all night then this what will you do and be happy because you are pleasing your master.

  • Never ask why or what or any questions:

If a master order you something to do, you never ask him why he is asking you to do it, you just do it. If he ask to tie your self in the basement and wait for his return from work then you just do it and wait even though he might take hours but you don't tell him that, you just tie your self and wait like a good little slut.

  • Always be submissive to his control:

This includes everything you have. Everything you have is his. He own EVERYTHING. Your body, your mind, your stuff, your food, even your money. And only he will say how things will be happen.

  • Always look your best for Master:

Master needs to always see you look sexy and hot for him. Wear the most sexy cloths that you would know he would love so much. That if you are allowed to have cloths on of-courses. Always smell good and be shaves and smooth for your master so he would enjoy play with you better.

a true slave would already know that but if you are new then you should know this!

The relationship between a master and a slave is very strong and a master always knows his slaves and knows what they want. But this doesn't matter because what really matter is his need and pleasure and this how slaves get their pleasure by serving their master and worshiping his dick.

But master always reward his slaves if they be very good. He let them orgasm or he would fuck her as hard as she always dream of.

A slave mind is different than a normal girl mind. A true slave would only think of her master needs. How much obedience she need to be. True slaves longs to serve master and to obey in every way is possible.

If you are a nature slave and try to ignore it and run aways from, it will always come back and return to your mind because this is what you truly are and this is what you truly want! You cant escape it no matter what.

If a girl keeps falling in being a slave and fails all the things that a slave should be then she not a slave at all.

I hope all slaves girls would understand these important lessons.


I am Virgin.

his little slut slave Monday, August 6, 2012

hehe i am a virgin girl, OOHH i am over 18 don't worry :D. Even though i am very sexually extremely active, i am still a virgin. This might sound strange to you but its true. Will the reason i am virgin is because i still live with my family and being not virgin its a very very big deal in the country i live in now. If i become not virgin and anyone finds out 2 things might happen to me: 1- Get killed 2- Get married to a man who already have many wives and i be one of his wives.

Since i was little i am taught that this is forbidden so much so is stays in my mind. AND NO NO NO i am not religious and its not 'cause of religion reasons i don't believe in religion or GOD!

Anyway after i met my master now the only one who will open this pussy will be him. Only he will decide when it will be fucked. I think of him raping me so hard the first time. I dream of his dick. I want it so badly inside of me, but only he will decide if it will be or not.

I think being virgin is making my mind go crazy. I wish to get fucked but i need to wait. My pussy keeps rubbing it self all the time. Its like a wet machine. My panties is always wet, all the time and i like to lick it, it makes me more horny the smell of it and the taste of it.


Me and my master

his little slut slave Friday, August 3, 2012
My master controls me very good. He is also the love my life. and i love him more than anything in the world. I worship him and i would do anything to please him.
I am not a perfect slave, but my master is training me to become his perfect slave like he wants and i think i will be one and i want to be his slave girl.
I know my master since i was 18 years. I know him and understand him like no one would and i would want to know him even more. But now we are not together we are in a different countries but soon we will be back together.

I do have a very deep mind of a slave and the moment my master make me his slave immediately my pussy milts of wet. I be wet 24 hour and i sleep only little hours and all the time i would be thinking of him and his dick. Yes, i am a dick worshiper but only his dick ofcourse. No other man i will ever want or love however i am bisexual and i do like girls a lot infact i think of girls so much and i like to lick pussies for hours and make them cum inside of my mouth. I also like boobs i don't like fake boobs i never lick a fake boobs but the look of them i don't like. I ilke nature tits!! but that doesn't mean i like all girls i do have type that turn me on so much and other type that i wouldn't like at all!!!
Sometimes i be in the mood of wanting girls so much even more than guys but that was before i knew my master. After i been with him he always have been the number one in my mind. Just one word from him would make me cum.
He teach me many many stuff i didn't know before. I use to masturbate but not correctly and also i use not cum or edge or any of that. I use just be wet haha!
but he teach me how to cum SO GOOD! and now i am addicted to it. I cum everyday but ofcourse that if i am not his slave because if i am then there be no such thing called cum for me it is only cum for him. Many times we be only lovers and not master and slave. I take care of him and i love him so much and he also do this to me. but when he is master, his mind would change completely like he is another person (HIs MASTER MIND I AM IN LOVE WITH SO MUCH).
When i am his slave i would feel completely controlled and i would only wish to please him and do anything he would order me to do. I would feel like an object toy slave for my master and nothing more and this make my pussy bleed of wet. My body would feel weak and my mind would think like a slave for my master.
My master will not ever make me cum when i be slave which is very hard for me because i be dizzy horny one touch would make me explode but i think after time of training my mind would be able to be more controllable of my cum and even not cum for weeks and months if he want which will be so hard but i am a slave for my master pleasure and this is my pleasure.
My master will train me to talk, walk, act, eat, behave like a real and true slave. He like positions that now i am obsession with. He like the bow position
Photobucketwhich is : putting face down on the floor The arms are spread forward infront of me. my ass and pussy would be as high as i can so they would be shown for my master use and also shows complete submission.
I think i will be like this position in every room he enter and only when he allow me to do something i will do it and then come back to my bow position for him.
The other position that he really like a lot is call hogtie.

and this one he will tie me for hours and leave me alone and might come back to me when he wants use me.
He will put me in cages to be there for hours so i can get use to. I will also sleep there and only when i be very good he will tie me hogtie and let me sleep beside him.

I have to suck his dick and balls and ass hole when ever he ask me to do it. At morning this will be how he will be awaking up from me sucking his dick so good and then i can use his morning cum as my breakfast. I am never to eat anything unless he says i can that if i am allow to eat ofcourse.

When i go out and have to act normal like starting to work so i can bring money i am never to forget who i am really are thats why he will always cum all over me so i can smell his cum all day while i work and also he will put a chastity belt on me so i would not play when doesn't be here to see me if i did or not.

under my clothes will be a rope tied to my body is will be like my panties and also my bra. So i need to be careful for no one to see it or see the marks of my master whipping. especially at work because i will be so shy unless my master ask me to show some so people will start to talk of me and wonder of why i have this but this will be extreme embarrass.

and if i be at home and he be out i would have to do him the prefect food and then dress in a very sexy cloths and then i would have to tie my self so when he come in he can use me very good. I be hoping he would remove the chastity belt and would let me orgasm b

ut it is his choose to do and i cant even ask him to do me that because i am not allow to even ask.

I would like for some other slave girl to come join us sometimes and experience this with us but i think this will drive me crazy for 2 reasons will first one i will be so horny because i like girls so much and will be able to lick her and fuck her and even whip her if my master allow me to but another thing which i hope i not have but the jealousy part is in me and it will make me sad but i think my master will be smart with it so i wouldn't be hurt and only focus on being slave or maybe after time of being slave i would not have it as much. But just the thought of me with other slave just make so very EXTREAM horny wet infact i am touching my self right now while i am typing this.
and also have more slave would make my master mind even more master and this what i want.
I want to be trained to be a very good slave that when my master say anything i wouldn't even think of it and i would just do it for him and do it perfect. i want to be the perfect Submit slave slut for my amazing lovely master who i love and i adore so much.


About me

his little slut slave
I am 20 years old. I cant say where i live and i cant show my photos because of family reasons that would cause me a lot of troubles. However, i can express what i feel and tell who i am without any one knowing who i am really.
I have long black hair, light skin, brown eyes, my body be depending on myself of how much i take care of it.
I live with my family right now but soon i will move with my master and be free with him and i can be a true girlfriend and slave for him.
Me and my master have 2 kind of relationship. We love eachother so much and we care of eachother and also we have the master slave relationship that is also very strong. I see my self very lucky to find a man who can give me both and still love me and respect me and care for me. Many man would take advantage of this and i think thats why many girls practices bdsm in a secret way with stranger people so they would not get hurt. I try to explain this kind of relationship to my friends and cousins but they dont seem to understand and thats why i perfer to keep it to myself and to my master. who needs them anyways? :D :D

My Master is a very handsome guy. I love everything about him. He is perfect to my eyes. He is my master of everything in life and in sex. He give me pleasure and love and caring that i enjoy so much.


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